Wifi Led Controller Wiring

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Wifi Led Controller Wiring

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Following solutions are available to use this super RGBW LED Controller:

1. Super RGB Dimmer for your Touchpad Touch phone
The standard RF version is available, however we won't blame if you are more interested in the WiFi/Bluetooth version. Empower your iOS or Android phone today installing iPhone dimmer app and android dimmer app. No need to get down bed to turn off lights while reading on bed any longer.

2. 8 Zones Controlled Synchronously or Independently
You can control up to 8 zones for one time. With each zone connected with countless dimmable lights, it means you may dim as many lights as you like simultaneously. It's possible to switch off certain zones SEPARATELY if you don't need them by holding on that zone key for 5 seconds.

3. 10 Built-in Changing Modes
The 10 built in patterns may be not enough for you, that's why the "S" key exists. Save whatever color you like just by click "s". It can't be easier to have an interesting party at home.


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Make sure the mobile device is not connected to a different Rain Bird Timer in hot spot mode. If it is, disconnect and try to delete the other timer. This should resolve the issue.

Only one mobile device can be connected to the timer at a time. If two people are trying to connect it can cause one or the other issues in connection. Sometimes there is an error message sent “The controller is in an active connection.” Other times it may send the error message “Manual time-out”.

Change the App store search from “iPad only” searches to “iPhone only”. The Rain Bird app will appear as an option to download on iPad.

The weather in the app is based on the zip code set up for the timer. If you entered the zip code incorrectly, or are currently in a zip code that is different than then one at the timer, the weather may show what you expect. You can verify what zip code is set in the timer by tapping the controller card Settings in bottom right Controller info.

A cost effective solution for driving a universe of pixels via E1.31 over WiFi.  The controller itself fits in 1″ thin wall PVC to enable embedding with the fixture its controlling.

From a hardware perspective, the ESPixelStick is a pixel driver motherboard for the ESP8266 ESP-01 WiFi module.  It provides proper power regulation for the module, a 5V tolerant programming interface, 5V buffer drive for the data line, configurable 5V/12V pixel support, fusing, and power connectors suitable for 5A of current.

From a software perspective, it is an E1.31 sACN (Streaming ACN) pixel controller that connects over a standard (802.11g/n) WiFi network.  The firmware is open source and developed in the ESP8266 Arduino environment.  It provides a web based configuration front-end and currently supports WS2811 / WS2812 pixels.  The web based configuration is mobile friendly and makes configuration a breeze, thank to John Lassen’s web framework.

If you’re new to lighting control or DMX, I recommend doing a little reading on E1.31 sACN (Streaming ACN) which is the “DMX over Ethernet” standard.   diychristmas.org and doityourselfchristmas.com are excellent resources to get you started in lighting control.   Vixen 3 and xLights are two free and open source applications I recommend looking at to get you started in sequencing.  Both are actively being developed and offer different angles on light sequencing.

Here are 4 modules being tested (one attached to each pixel column), driven by Vixen 3

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Full Color LED Video Ball Display Screen, led large screen display sign - Trukmė 0:59.

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