Wifi Led Controller Api

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Wifi Led Controller Api

The webshop for Wi-Fi LED lightning with an APP or with remote control!

The MiLight (or EasyBulb) is a Wifi controlled lighting system, similar to the popular Philips Hue. The MiLight comes out of China and can be found on the popular Alibaba website. The only UK distributor right now is SureCart.com selling the starter kit of 2 RGB bulbs and the wifi bridge for around 40 pounds ($65).

The official MiLight bulbs are LED and come in two flavours  white or RGB (color changing). The bulbs are actually radio controlled, with the wifi bridge acting as a middle man, converting UDP packets sent over WiFi to radio signals. This is essentially how the Philips Hue system works too. The system can control MiLight bulbs, generic 2.4ghz LED bulbs and 2.4ghz LED strip lighting.

Out of the box, the lights can be controlled from any iDevice iphone, ipad, ipod. The Wifi Bridge can act as a hotspot that you connect to, or it can join an existing wifi point.

The instructions on syncing the lights with the wifi bridge are quite confusing. For those who are still trying to work out what to do; you need to turn the bulbs off and then connect to the wifi bridge from your iDevice. Once connected to the wifi bridge, run the controller app and swipe 3 times to the right until you get the RGB controller on the screen. Now turn the bulb on and press the S + button within 3 seconds. You can do each bulb individually, so you don’t need to run around trying to turn them all on at the same time.

The biggest question everyone has is whether the MiLight Bridge can be set to connect to your existing wifi network instead of acting as a hotspot. Surecart told me it could be done but couldn’t tell me how and the instruction booklet doesn’t mention it. After some playing, I worked out how it was done.


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Chromatron is an open source Wifi pixel controller designed to make LED pixel projects easy and fun.

Hi, I'm Jeremy! I've designed a toolkit for making art with LED pixel strips, and I'd like to share it with you! Chromatron takes custom designed hardware and feature-packed firmware, sprinkles it with some Python, and serves up a delicious new platform to help you transform your world into a psychedelic dreamscape.

Make art with LEDs! At least, that's what I'm using it for. Here's some stuff I've made with Chromatron:

Most of my apartment's lighting is powered by Chromatron as well:

Chromatron is packed with features that make LED projects awesome:

De webshop voor Wi-Fi LED verlichting via APP of met afstandsbediening!

Betaalbare totaaloplossing voor wifi led verlichting. Bedien uw verlichting in huis met een app of stijlvolle afstandsbediening of draadloze wanddimmer.

Dankzij onze slimme LED verlichting bedient u een ruim assortiment van lampen, LED spots, LED strips en LED tuinverlichting in alle vrijheid. Dat kan via onze APP voor iOS en Android , RF Afstandsbediening , Wandbediening of draadloze dimmers.

U kunt de LED verlichting per lamp of per groep (kamer / ruimte / verdieping) bedienen. Verander via de afstandsbediening of telefoon de:

AppLamp loopt vooruit met de nieuwe kleurtechnieken, zoals:

AppLamp Control WIFI LED light via smartphone tablet or
AppLamp Control WIFI LED light via smartphone tablet or.
USA Location information  USAcom
USA Location information USAcom.
MiLight  Wifi Controlled Light Bulbs  Philippine Stuffs
MiLight Wifi Controlled Light Bulbs Philippine Stuffs.
Tech Explorations Arduino Step by Step Your complete
Tech Explorations Arduino Step by Step Your complete.
Chromatron  Wifi Pixel Controller  Kickstarter
Chromatron Wifi Pixel Controller Kickstarter.
WiFi LED verlichting  LED spots amp LED strips  AppLamp
WiFi LED verlichting LED spots amp LED strips AppLamp.
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