Wifi Display Dongle Htc

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Wifi Display Dongle Htc

I thought the HTC U Ultra , released earlier this spring, was an alluring phone in need of a bit more polishing. It seems HTC agreed, because its new flagship, the HTC U11, is here and it's better in almost every way.

Priced at $649, the HTC U11 features a big, bright, 5.5-inch screen; markedly faster performance; and a camera that rivals the best from Samsung and Apple, all while sporting a gorgeous, gem-like design. But the highlights don't stop there, because the U11 packs a total of four microphones, two voice assistants (with a third on the way) and built-in pressure sensors that let you open apps by squeezing the sides of the phone. After HTC produced a string of middling devices, the U11 is exactly what the company needed to remind people that it's still alive.  

If you want to walk into a physical store to buy your phone, the U11 is only available at Sprint. However, if you buy online, you can get this phone unlocked. There are carrier-specific versions of the U11 for all the big providers on Amazon or directly from HTC.com.

There's no shortage of glass-backed phones nowadays, but I defy you to you find one (aside from the U Ultra ) that looks like the U11. For the U11's back, HTC started with a single flat sheet of Gorilla Glass 3 and squashed it into progressively curvier molds to form a smooth, rounded back that looks more like sci-fi jewel scarab than a piece of consumer tech.  

Google created not only a device, but also a feature that could be used by other platforms. Chromecast offers smart TV-like streaming without all the fuss and complications. Simply cast from your smartphone to your TV that is the promise Google Cast offers, all available from a $35 dongle. What if you want more?

Google announced Android TV devices will come with full Google Cast capabilities, but the project is still young and we have yet to see it grow. Today’s new Google Cast features will surely keep pushing Chromecast and Google Cast to its on-going victory, though.

This has been one of the most requested features for the Chromecast. The ability to mirror an Android device via Google Cast seems like an obvious addition, but it didn’t come to Google’s HDMI dongle until today.

Google finally announced mirroring to Chromecast and Cast devices will soon be possible via the Chromecast app. Users will be able to access and start a mirroring session from there.I must say I didn’t expect mirroring to work so well, either. Latency and lag were nearly unnoticeable in the demo! I don’t get to say this often, but I am glad Google took its time with this feature. They did well.

Android mirroring will be rolling out in the “coming weeks”, with popular Samsung, LG and HTC devices being first in line. Others will follow soon afterwards.

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HTC U11 Review The Best Phone HTC Has Made in Years
HTC U11 Review The Best Phone HTC Has Made in Years.
New Chromecast features Android mirroring cloud casting
New Chromecast features Android mirroring cloud casting.
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