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The TE33A (ТЭ33А) is a type of diesel locomotive developed by GE Transportation Systems for 1520 mm gauge railways. It is part of the GE Evolution Series family, designated ES44ACi by GE.

Following the delivery of an initial 10 locomotives from GE's plant at Erie, Pennsylvania in the USA, TE33A locomotives are being assembled from kits by the JSC Lokomotiv subsidiary of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy at a new factory in Astana which was opened by President Nursultan Nazarbayev on 3 July 2009. [2]

The TE33A was designed for the 1,520 mm ( 4 ft  11   27 ⁄ 32  in ) Russian gauge market, in particular to replace the 2 TE10. Russian GOST Standards and Safety Norms were used in development, and the locomotive is designed to use standard GOST fuel and lubricants. [3]

The locomotives have two cabs, and are among the first diesel-electric locomotives with AC traction motors to operate in the Commonwealth of Independent States [4] (after the 2TE25A built by Bryansk Engineering Works, Transmashholding , Russia). [5]

The TE33A is certified by the UIC to meet EU IIIa emissions standards, and reduce particulate emissions by approximately 75% and NOx emissions by 35% per kilowatt-hour when compared to a 2TE10. [1]

51°08′00″ с. ш. 71°26′00″ в. д. H G Я O

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( Алматинский , Сарыаркинский , Есильский )

Асет Орентаевич Исекешев (с 21 июня 2016 года)

до 1961 — Акмолинск ,
до 1992 — Целиноград ,
до 1998 — Акмола

казахи — 75,08%
русские — 15,64%
украинцы — 1,63%
другие национальности — 7,65% (2015г.) [4]

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