Koubachi Wifi Plant Sensor Купить

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Koubachi Wifi Plant Sensor Купить

You can purchase either version of the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor on Amazon or on Koubachi's website. For an extra $30, the outdoor version buffs up its rain resistance, but both can stand a splash or two as you water your plants.

Plant Finder is awesome. Unfortunately, it's not yet available for the Android app. You'll have to search this version of the app for the common or scientific name of your plant. The website provides a little more guidance, as you have stem and leaf criteria to help you narrow the options if you want to scroll through pictures.

All versions of the database, even Android's, best the competition when it comes to how helpful they are at finding your plant. However, Koubachi's number of plants to pick from comes in dead last by a wide margin compared with the databases of Parrot and Oso Technologies. Koubachi has around 800 plants to pick from, whereas Parrot and Oso have thousands.

With Plant Finder, Koubachi almost makes identifying your plant fun. I felt like a detective, using questions and pictures as clues as I drew closer and closer to finding my suspect. But if your plant is at all unusual, the database won't have it, and you'll be stuck with the letdown of an unsolved mystery.

Given Koubachi AG's pedigree, this lack of depth puzzles me. It has been developing the Plant Care Engine at the heart of its database since it launched its app more than three years ago. The information it uses comes from the prestigious Swiss university, ETH Zurich. Perhaps the amount of detail it gathers for each plant it adds slows its progress, but Parrot's database is just as detailed and much deeper.

Growing plants indoors and out is an art. You need to pay attention to what you are planting and make sure it has enough water and light to survive. Paying attention to the temperature around your plant is essential too. The Koubachi Wi-Fi Sensor is a cool product that watches over your plants to make sure they are treated well.

Koubachi Wi-Fi Sensor keeps track of soil moisture, light, and temperature in the plant’s immediate surroundings. The data gathered is sent to the cloud using the WiFi module. That way you can keep up with your plants’ health more easily. Interested? This will cost you €129.

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